Communications and Strategy

Legislative and Regulatory Strategies:  Our partners understand the relationship between legislation and regulation. These two areas of public policy are related, but often practiced with vastly different outlooks and approaches. Policy AZ works with lawmakers and regulatory agencies to ensure a seamless implementation of legislation and regulation for our clients. Policy AZ also pursues regulatory reforms, either administrative or legislative, for our clients so they may operate more efficiently.

Strategic Planning:
Affecting public policy changes through legislation, regulation, or other public avenues requires careful planning, an honest assessment of potential roadblocks and the likelihood for success, and purposeful communication early in the process.  Our partners have decades of experience leading and participating in strategic planning to define goals, contingency plans, communications methods and outcome assessments that help clients gain a clear picture of the tasks ahead.


Media Relations: A critical component of a successful public affairs strategy is effective media relations. Policy AZ is experienced in effectively communicating our client’s message to the public. Our partners have spent more than 30 combined years working with reporters, editors, bloggers and social media practitioners to help our clients achieve success in these various mediums.  Our firm takes pride in a reputation for honest and open communication, combined with smart and strategic plans that best serve the client’s needs.