Lobbying and Government Affairs

Lobbying: More than 30 years of combined experience at the Arizona Legislature makes Policy AZ one of the most seasoned and successful lobbying firms in the state. Our partners develop thorough legislative strategy using in-depth knowledge, keen political sense, solid judgment and a daily presence at the Capitol.


Federal, State, Local, County, Tribal Government Relations:  Policy AZ is experienced in government relations at many different levels and helps clients navigate each entity’s unique set of rules, regulations and common practices. Our partners have represented clients with Congress and federal agencies, state government branches and regulators, county departments, city councils and Tribal Nations throughout Arizona.  


Public Affairs:  The interplay between business and governments is often confusing, and can lead to problems as clients pursue their business goals. Policy AZ has years of experience navigating the maze of government procedures and communicating a client’s point of view to political audiences. This includes guiding communications with elected officials, the media and constituent groups – each of which often influence outcomes on issues.