The PolicyAZ Advantage

Policy AZ, LLC represents clients in federal, state, local and tribal public policy arenas in Arizona and across the nation. With more than 30 years combined experience in legislative lobbying, government relations, public affairs strategy and media relations, we deliver success for clients through hard work, solid and honest communication, timely delivery of services and unwavering professionalism.


At Policy AZ, we know achieving success requires a dedication to clients — their needs, viewpoints, strengths and resources. Each business and project is unique, and we take the time to thoroughly understand the issues before developing a dynamic, specific public policy plan that drives a mutual desire for success. We skillfully navigate the challenges of proposing, implementing, understanding and responding to policy changes on behalf of clients.


The public affairs careers of the firm’s partners reflect a diversity of experience and accomplishments, with a reputation for being among the very best in Arizona. Whether addressing complex issues of statutory or regulatory frameworks, delivering a targeted and coherent message to the public and media, or guiding clients through the maze of governments influencing their industry, Policy AZ will be a dynamic, valuable part of your comprehensive public affairs strategy.


We look forward to serving you with skill, experience and commitment.